Pennsylvania 1999 Severe and Significant Weather Events


Event types in include Winter storms, severe convection and flood events.

Previous years include 2000 and 1998 earlier years are also available.


Winter storms


Pennsylvania Ice Storm 02-03 January 1999

Pennsylvania Ice Storm 08-09 January 1999

Arctic surge snow and ice event of 13-15 January 1999

Flash flooding and severe 18 January 1999

Winter Storm of 7 February

Forecasting the cold frontal passage of 12 February 1999

The southern New England snow storm of 25 February the challenge of multiple models

1 March-only imagery no write-up.

The March 4 1999 Pennsylvania-New York State Snowstorm: An example of the importance of model trends

6 March 1999 Winter Storm: Perils of the Eta model

9 March 1999 Winter Storm:

21 March event


Severe convective storms

1 July tornadic supercell

7 July severe weather event

9 July large scale severe weather event.

22 July heavy rainfall event

30 July damaging hail storms

13 August deadly thunderstorms

14 August severe thunderstorms



Heavy Rain events

20 August flash flood event in Warren, Snyder and Union Counties

Tropical storm Dennis 6-7 September