Pennsylvania 2001 Severe and Significant Weather Events

The National Weather Service in State College provides this page as a service to the citizens and weather enthusiasts of the Commonwealth. It is intended to provide a brief history and learning materials for forecasters. It may also help emergency managers compare similar events.

For a link to the storms of 2000 and 2002 click these links.

Winter Storms

  1. 19-20 January East Coast Storm: produce moderate snow across Pennsylvania. Page is under developed at this time.
  2. 30 January Frontal Occlusion and moderate rain.
  3. 5-6 February East Coast Storm: locally heavy snow eastern Pennsylvania from York/Lancaster Counties northeastward. Click here for more.
  4. 10 February sharp cold frontal event
  5. The 4-6 March Imperfect Storm

Convective Storms

    1. March event in southeast Pennsylvania and Virginia
    2. 09 April hail storms, rotating supercell and bow-echo event
    3. 12 June 2001 Wide spread severe weather and bow-echo event
    4. 10 July Severe Weather Event
    5. 16 August Mini-bow echo and the Clearfield tornadic event.
    6. 19 August Bow echo and supercell event.
    7. 31 September "meso-low event"
    8. 4 September "Colonel Kelly F1 Tornado", Kelly Township, Union County, PA.

 High Wind Events

    1. 25 October minor high-wind event.
    2. 14 December high wind event (LSR) post-cold frontal high-wind event.



  1. York Flood of 22 June 2001





Tropical Storms

Isn't it a tad cold yet?