Pennsylvania 2002 Severe and Significant Weather Events

Last updated 7 January 2003

The National Weather Service in State College provides this page as a service to the citizens and weather enthusiasts of the Commonwealth. It is intended to provide a brief history and learning materials for forecasters in all sectors of the forecast industry. This page may also help emergency managers compare similar events.

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Winter Storms   |  High Wind Events  |   Convective Storms   |       Floods and Heavy Rains  |   Heat-Cold Waves  |  Tropical Storms

Winter Storms

  1. 3-4 January 2003: Widespread moderate snowfall in Pennsylvania. Similar in many ways to the 25 December 2002 “White Christmas Snowstorm”.  Significant snowfall for New York and New England with many reports in excess of 1 foot and some around 2 feet.  Classic anomalous low-level easterly jet with unidirectional shear.

High Wind Events

Convective Storms



Heat waves and unseasonably cold events

Tropical Storms